New Music: V V Brown – Faith (feat. Kele Okereke)

Its all about faith with V V Brown. Not only is it the title of her latest single, which features the vocal talents of Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and is out next week (march 17th), but it is something that’s helping Brown with everything. Already a singer, songwriter and producer, she has enough faith to now call herself a label owner, with the formation of her own record label YOY Records, which put out her second album, Samson & Delilah, available now.

That faith in her own ability has resulted in an edgier pop sound than her debut album,. Adding richer and darker textures to her pop edge, partly down to utilising the skills of co-producer Dave Okumu. As it happens the first lyric she wrote when going back into the studio was from the song Warrior – Take me as I am /No one does it better / All I want to do is lie here in the sand / And learn the art of patience / The freedom to believe it / Take me as I am / My master of my plan.

[The track itself fizzes with this slightly downcast electro feel, Brown and Okereke trading vocals, both exuding this warm confidence as the track expands with varied electronic dots and bleeps more in evidence. It also has this simple but heartbreaking backing vocal to it though, that cranks up the emotion, and a melody to tickle your memory banks.

You gotta have faith, Brown and Okereke sing in the song. Listening to it, and looking at what she has done so far, we’re convinced.

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