Ahead of their album ‘Darkest Dreams’ released on September 25th via the Italians Do It Better imprint, Kraków Loves Adana have released a new video for their latest release from the album ‘Don’t Ask Why’.

Speaking about the track, Kraków Loves Adana vocalist Deniz Çiçek said, “There have been moments in my life where I felt safest in my own darkness, isolated from the rest of the world. ‘Don’t Ask Why’ describes the moment when you step outside of this comfort zone, see things from a different perspective & come to terms with your sadness.”

Oscillating synths and little melodic fragments are the essence of the accompaniment on ‘Don’t Ask Why’, as it bubbles away, the deadpan vocals fitting in perfectly with the tracks retro feel. Best of all though are those melodies, the sort you can instantly warm manage to worm their way into your consciousness.

Not that you’d want it any other way. Check out the accompanying video, here