Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: Breaking A Monster

he odds are stacked against any band trying to make it big in the music industry. When the band are all still in 7th grade, the task seems nigh on impossible. Unlocking The Truth are Malcolm, Jarad and Alec, three talented and committed musicians who are obsessed with making music and hitting the big time. Growing up in an unfashionable part of Brooklyn, they need deal with issues around their age and being a rarity – a metal band made up of black members.

Luke Meyer’s documentary, Breaking A Monster, follows the trio as they sign a record deal and start their journey towards fame and fortune. They are aided by seasoned manager Alan Sacks and Malcolm’s parents who co-manage the group. Desperate to record and release some music, industry politics get in the way as Alan tries to keep the trio focussed on their goal and avoid the usual teen distractions.

Meyer allows the three to do their own talking and they’re all charismatic, intelligent and engaging characters. Sacks is a rather bizarre person, seemingly torn between nurture and advancing his own career. Breaking A Monster is an extremely funny and perceptive insight into the inner working of the music industry, where absurdity and infuriation abound. There’s much to love here, not least the three stars who hopefully have a bright future ahead in the music industry.

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