Track: Oneohtrix Point Never releases brilliant new track and accompanying video, A Path Barely Lit

Photo Credit: Andrew Strasser & Shawn Lovejoy / Joe Perri

As I constantly point out, Warp Records is one of, if not my favourite label. Ever. And one of its most brilliant and interesting artists right now is Oneohtrix Point Never, aka Daniel Lopatin. He’s just shared a first single and video, A Barely Lit Path, from his recently announced new album ‘Again’, which drops on September 29th.

A Barely Lit Path is the albums closing track, and featured the NOMAD ensemble, the orchestrations conducted and arranged by Robert Ames. It features a synth-pop heavy opening, with 80s style vocaliser, that the chops and stutters into something a lot more present, but swathed in these orchestral string lines. As it continues to grow, so things switch back and forth before it ends up exploding into this sort of stuttering electro track. But it’s restless nature won’t allow it to stay there, as strings calm the mood and the track closes as we step of the path, and into the dark.

It’s ambitious and interesting, and affecting, and brilliant. Check it, and the accompanying video directed by Freeka Tet, presenting a harrowing tale of a pair of anthropomorphized crash test dummies. 

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