EP: Jónbjörn – Isms EP

Lagaffe Tales co-founder Jónbjörn drops four tracks on Iceland’s FALK Records beat driven sub-label, FALK Disks.

Since 2008 FALK (Fuck Art Lets Kill) has become a creative hub for Icelandic and international artists involved in experimental and electronic music, spanning noise rock through to power electronics, underground hip-hop to DIY techno and electro. 2017 saw FALK continue with releases from Icelandic hip-hop producer LORD PUSSWHIP, techno/electro producer ThizOne and Canadian industrial techno musician /?/HUREN/?/. Berlin based Icelandic producer Jónbjörn, known for curating Reykjavík record label Lagaffe Tales – one of the main pillars in the Icelandic house scene – now joins FALKS’ club focused sub-imprint with a robust four tracker.

Moving away from the deep house sound he’s renowned for towards a darker and leaner night time aesthetic, ‘Amsiak’ inaugurates the release with an infectous electro groove as gurgling pings and acidic clangs and drones are liberally dropped throughout the track. ‘Aspekte’ is a spacious track with blown-out bass sounds that morph and glide across a tempered, slow burning planer rhythm.

On the flip Jónbjörn goes for a harder techno sound influenced by his relocation to Berlin. ‘Sunnudagskaffi’ is a bendy, 4/4 roller that containes hidden grooves below the basslines and the acid pings that wouldn’t be out of place on a Livity Sound release. Meanwhile, ‘Holy B’ is pure warehouse creeper techno, complete with machinic tones and the atmospherics of sweat and grime on dungeon brick walls.


Jónbjörn ‘Isms EP’ drops on Falk Records on 16th Feb (Beatport) and 2nd March 2018 (Vinyl and ROW Digital).


1. Amsiak
2. Aspekte
3. Sunnudagskaffi
4. Holy B


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