EP Review: Recoilprodukt – Catalyst

The Breakdown

...a brooding, dark decent into madness...

Recoilprodukt, a pioneering recording studio/label that first emerged in 1984 with its defiantly iconic recordings for Psyche, F451, and Vanishing Heat, is returning with an initial release that fittingly resurrects its imprint.

Titled ‘Catalyst‘, this two-track EP is the first instalment of a haunting sci-fi narrative series. A deep dive into dark-world building- It will be available in multiple formats, including Limited edition collector Vinyl, and Digital.

The EP‘s standout feature is an audiophile 12“ DMM 45RPM VINYL SINGLE, limited to 100 copies.  Side one of the 12“ single presents Recoilprodukt’s ‘origin’ mix, described as „morbidly beautiful and cinematic“ and stem mastered at “Man Made Mastering” in Berlin

On side two, listeners are hurled into the reimagined mix of the same track in a hard, intelligent techno meets industrial noise rework, skillfully crafted by Blush Response and stereo mastered at Dadub.

Check Our the Remix Here:

Recoilprodukt‘s ‘Catalyst’ EP is a long-awaited return to the music scene, combining its deep history with a fresh, innovative sound.

Verdict: Recoilprodukt hits us with a superb double (triple if you grab the digital). ‘Catalyst (Origin Mix)’ is a brooding, dark decent into madness. Slow percussion pulsates as atmospheric layers emote a feeling of dead which reflects the emotionally detached voice of an interviewee telling of a prophecy foretold to them by a voice which they believe to be Jesus. A wonderfully orchestrated piece, very cinematic and reminiscent of the classic John Carpenters score for ‘Prince of Darkness’. The ‘Blush Response Rework’ loses none of the darkness as we’re treated to a pounding Techno version that rolls along, picking up in intensity as it builds. A solid full sound that delivers on all fronts. Track this one down as the Vinyl sold out quickly due to high demand and a limited run.

Track List:

Side A: Catalyst (Origin Mix)

Side B: Catalyst (Blush Response Rework)

Catalyst (Not so heavy rework Mix) (Available on digital Release)

Out Now @ https://recoilprodukt.bandcamp.com/album/catalyst

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