Track: Domkraft – Dawn Of Man

Tobias Ohls

Swedish psychedelic doom band Domkraft have released the first single ‘Dawn of Man’ from their forthcoming third album ‘Seeds’, due 30th April via Magnetic Eye Records

Domkraft comment:

“The first single, ‘Dawn of Man’ from our forthcoming new album represents the sound of the physical rebuilding of human civilization”,

Writes singer and bass player Martin Wegeland.

“We need new places of worship, cleansed of fear, hate, and everything else that corrodes a society. The idea is a kind of modern pyramids, utopian ‘audiodomes’, and this song represents the construction phase of these. We went for a mechanical yet earthy feel, based on this rolling, neck-breaking drum beat that just keeps moving. It should feel like being in the middle of a crowd full of clenched fists wielding sledgehammers, unable to stand still. ‘Seeds’ was written specifically to be performed live, with all songs to not only be heard, but also felt. Since that is not really an option right now, we wanted to capture the multi-sensory experience of a live show in the most efficient way. With increased restrictions here in Sweden, we decided to record a practice space performance and then trip it out to channel the sensory overload that an ideal live experience provides. With this video, we wanted to fill the void somehow, but we can hardly wait until we’re able to play in front of actual people again.”

A roaring start with the infectious and heavy fuzz riff taking centre stage as the band build a song around it the drums marking out the different sections of the track. Throw in some wah wah effected soloing and you have one groovy doom laden track that introduces the bands new album.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Facebook

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