See: Heligoland release an arctic chill with gorgeous new video for ‘Hera’ off album ‘This Quiet Fire’

The track ‘Hera’ perfectly encapsulates the overall shimmering beauty of Heligoland‘s album ‘This Quiet Fire’ (reviewed by me recently), and the band has released an enchanting video that is the perfect cinematic vision for the track.

The black and white landscapes loom ominously – the snow-laden, naked boughs and walls of frosted trees frame the stark landscapes – where the only sign of life is a dog contrasted against the snowy field at the end. It is bleak yet breathtakingly beautiful, and therefore a perfect canvas for ‘Hera’s haunting tones – a deep melancholy that actually hides a message of resilience and fortitude through bleak times:

When I woke that morning, there was nothing left to say
We knew what we wanted
Far too much talking
We know what we need to do, so let’s start

Haunting sounds and visuals indeed:

‘This Quiet Fire’ is out now and available below:

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