News: Swedish rock band Night announce fourth album

Swedish rock band Night will release their fourth album ‘High Tides – Distant Skies’ on September 11.

‘High Tides – Distant Skies’ is the fourth album from Night. The album contains nine new tracks of classic sounding rock music. ’High Tides – Distant Skies’ follows the band’s critical acclaimed album ‘Raft of the World’. If their last album was darker and had a strong proto-metal niche, the new album has much wider influences and a broader approach. The album is built upon rhythm and melodies, and Oskar Andersson now shares the position as lead vocalist with Sammy Ouirra.

”To create something big we had to downscale to something small. This time we had no room for Flying V guitars, but instead focused on solid single-coil sound. The new sound created a bigger space for vocals and arrangements”Sammy Ouirra

Night has once again taken the help from producer Ola Ersfjord (Primordial, Tribulation, Honeymoon Disease, ISE). The band has stepped outside their comfort zone, something that became possible after taking their time both with songwriting and having a long term collaboration with their producer.

The album will be released on vinyl, CD and digital, Sept 11th on The Sign Records.

European Tour Dates

10-September-2020 FR Paris La Maroquinerie
12-September-2020 FR Lyon Rock It Love
13-September-2020 GER Stuttgart Club Zentral
15-September-2020 GER Munich Strom
16-September-2020 GER Nuremberg Der Cult
17-September-2020 GER Leipzig UT Connewitz
18-September-2020 AT Vienna Arena
19-September-2020 BE Aarschot De Klinker
20-September-2020 GER Hannover Chez Heinz
21-September-2020 GER Wiesbaden Kesselhaus
22-September-2020 GER Cologne Volta
23-September-2020 NL Amsterdam Melkweg Upstairs
24-September-2020 NL Tilburg Hall Of Fame
25-September-2020 CZ Prague Strahov 007
26-September-2020 GER Berlin Musik & Friede

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