See: Pauli the PSM reveals new video for Buss Case

Sometime Sampha drummer and rapper/producer has released a new video for the track Buss Case. It’s accompanied by a new video that sees Pauli as an astronaut out in space – something of a dream come true for the space head who says “I believe the artist and the astronaut aren’t too dissimilar – we both leave the earth’s atmosphere, astronauts physically and artists mentally, to pursue a voyage that yields new information that can offer new truth to the world. If someone explained to me that I could be an astronaut when I was a kid, I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t be CGI-ing myself into space! I started the ‘Badman Space Program’ to provide disenfranchised kids with resources to learn about space exploration, science and to widen their horizons using music and art.”

The track is essentially an in your face alt-R&B, this bubbling accompaniment powered by these sort of tribal drums that drive the track, with Pauli rapping/rhyming over the top, his dark background ideally suited to the slightly overbearing music.

Check out Pauli living out his dreams, here


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