Live Review and Gallery: Masterpeace, Academy 2, Dublin, 15/03/2023

British artist Peace Okezie aka Masterpeace made his Irish debut on the 15th of March in the Academy 2, Dublin. It was an impressive of Indie music with Masterpiece showing great versatility with his catalogue.

Masterpeace opened the show with ‘Eyes on You’ which the crowd loved and sang back all the lyrics. Masterpeace took to the stage with only a DJ and guitarist while he bounced around the stage and interacted with the audience from the very first song in the set. ‘PDA’ showed a sifter side to Masterpeace describing a relationship while stepping up on the barriers interacting with the crowd.

Masterpeace played songs from all of his releases including 2021 release ‘Overdrive’. His energy was infectious with the crowd bouncing around on the floor while he bounced and danced around the stage.  

Peace also played a majority of this latest release ‘Peace of Mind’. ‘Achilles Heel’ had him bouncing if the barriers again while delivering beautiful hooks and interesting rap verses. ‘Veronica’ is were he started to show some versatility as this track definitely has influence from bands like The Streets’ but kept his own unique flair.

‘Country Life’ definitely leans more into the Streets type sound and is all the better for it with the crowd clearly really enjoying this one. ‘Kaleidoscope’ was another great live track and is way more similar to ‘Eyes on You’ but is definitely edgier and had the crowd headbanging along.

The last track of the night was from Peace’s upcoming record and was one of the first live performances of the track. ‘Get naughty’ has a much different sound to anything he has released so far and sits on its own as a indie dance track. The crowd enjoyed their preview and Peace picking up on their energy and playing the track a second time!

Overall Masterpeace is definitely one to watch and really impressed with his diverse catalogue and great stage presence. I look forward to catching him in a bigger venue in the future!

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