Track: Stimulator Jones lays down the funk groove with ‘Cupcakes’

Taken from his forthcoming album ‘La Mano’, out via Nordic label Mutual Intentions in January, Cupcakes is the new single from DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist Stimulator Jones.

Pulling together strands of soul, blues, hip hop and jazz, Jones describes the process of making the track: “I started by recording myself playing drums on a Tascam 16-track 1” tape machine and ran some of the microphone signals through an Electro-Harmonix Memory Man pedal. I wrote an accompanying part on a Wurlitzer 200 electric piano and added that on top, followed by bass guitar, ARP strings, and a lead synth line. It’s a smooth mellow funk groove for cruising and chilling.”

Full of juicy chords progressions and gluey synth lines, ‘Cupcakes’ has a warmth and haziness that rests easy on the ears, yet has the head nodding from the off. It’s addictive early evening cruising music.

Check it out, here

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