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I always loved cartoons. In my day growing up it was a mixture of things. From the  funny ones, like Tom and Jerry and Roadrunner (I embarrassingly still laugh out loud at that) to the more serious, you know Ulysses and Battle of the Planets, Dungeons and Dragons to the more wholesome message of He-Man.

One of the beauties about having children is that I get to enjoy the whole thing again, with new cartoons, but also with old ones as well. The first time my four-year old little boy saw He-Man he was left wide-eyed and in awe (he did, however, believe that Thundercat was the bad guy after first showing, but its work in progress)

Black Light Dinner Party – We are Golden

It was obvious I was probably going to love Black Light Dinner Party’s new video to ‘We are Golden’. Number one, its like one of those beloved 1980’s style cartoons. Its been lovingly made over a period of three years. I don’t know if it’s because its been animated by hand (rather than computers presumably) it sort of has this beautiful retro-sheen about it. Its fantastic.

It’s a journey into the fantasy world of the two heroes of the piece, Soola and Pum. Its vibrant colours and, as an added extra there is a Nintendo throwback ‘We Are Golden’ Video Game based on the characters from the video. Beat the game to unlock special prizes free downloads of 1 of 4 limited 8-bit renditions of previously released BLDP songs. The soundtrack to the video game is a vintage Nintendo style version of ‘We Are Golden.’ You can find it here

The song itself has this eerie, looking back at Earth from Space feeling. The mixture of different keyboard sounds alternately sparkly, and interject and just down right scuff up the bottom end of the song. The tinny drum sounds only add to this retro science fiction feel. Most of all though, it’s a fantastic singalong pop song, that you can listen to again and again.

And whats best about it, is you can watch it again and again too.

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