Track: Thrillhouse get down and get funky with another brilliant track ‘What Next?’

With an ambition of releasing a single a month this year (did I miss some?), Thrillhouse high step in and get down with their next in line release, ‘What Next’: a funky frenetically paced dance floor filler with some filthy nasty guitar splashes and the archetypal Thrillhouse cool and wry delivery. Arched eyebrows, a knowing glance and feet that move like a combine harvester’s blades in full flight.

If there is one thing you can be assured of in these times of anxiety and uncertainty, every Thrillhouse release is as good as the last and their entire oeuvre just sounds better every time. They have cornered the market in a style of indie funk that is instantly recognisable and yet remains a complete enigma: alluring and mysterious with a thousand veils. And with anything as good as this, long may they prosper:

‘What Next’ is available to stream through the link above. Their songs are a fascinating melting pop of seventies glam, a new wave coolness and their own unique dissociated delivery which combine to create a very tasty dish.

With no prospect of anything as mundane as an album in sight, a seeming aversion to PR and management and little on the live front, Thrillhouse will continue on their merry way providing tasty little morsels for our delectation in a very enjoyable little bubble.

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