Celluloid Screams Review: Tag

There are few, if any, Asian film directors with a vision as distinctive and unique as Sion Sono. Unfortunately, this leads to a varying quality of output. For every Love Exposure, Cold Fish, Suicide Club or Noriko’s Dinner Table there’s a Tokyo Tribe, Shinjuku Swan or Bad Film. His latest film to hit the UK market is Tag. Happily, it turns out to be one of his most thoughtful and creative works yet. It’s also as crazy as a box of frogs.

Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) is the only survivor of a strange paranormal incident that kills all of her classmates. Running for her life, Mitsuko finds herself mysteriously transported to a series of alternate realities. However, death, destruction and mayhem are never too far behind. Mitsuko desperately tries to escape her situation, but events become increasingly surreal and violent. Then things take a rather strange twist.

The opening sequence of Tag is one of the most inventive and thrilling you’re likely to witness all year. And it doesn’t stop there, or, for that matter, at any stage during the 80-plus minute runtime. Whilst there’s some great livewire action and several truly perplexing moments, one of the most interesting and unexpected elements is the feminist thread which runs throughout. Tag is a manic rollercoaster ride of kinetic horror and exploitation cinema, which will leave you reeling and gasping for breath.

Tag is released on Dual Format (DVD & Blu-ray) by Eureka Entertainment on 20 November.

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