News: Steven Chelliah Releases New Album ‘FuzAsian’, Highlights New Single ‘Dreams of Yesterday’

Embarking on a musical odyssey that transcends borders and genres, Fusion-Jazz maestro Steven Chelliah has released his highly anticipated new album ‘FuzAsian,’ a mesmerizing fusion of Jazz intricacies, soaring guitar work and heartfelt songwriting. Alongside the album, he introduces the lead single ‘Dreams of Yesterday,’ offering a poignant glimpse into his musical evolution.

Steven Chelliah’s musical journey began at the tender age of six, hailing from a lineage of Indian Carnatic music composers. Though a third-generation Malaysian, his roots trace back to Tanjore, India – the very birthplace of Indian Carnatic Music. Harnessing this rich musical heritage, Chelliah developed ‘The FuzAsian® Method,’ a groundbreaking system that systematically applies Indian scales as vehicles for chromatic and harmonic exploration within Jazz. His expertise on the subject led to the publication of a book under Heights Music International in NYC, solidifying his position as a distinguished author in the music industry.

The album ‘FuzAsian’ unveils the evolution of Steven Chelliah as a versatile songwriter and vocalist, seamlessly weaving together his Fusion Jazz background with his passion for timeless songcraft, whilst also displaying radiant prog-rock tendencies.

His journey of blending the complexities of Jazz Fusion with the soulfulness of songwriting culminates in this cohesive musical statement. Drawing inspiration from songwriting legends like Barry Gibb (Bee Gees), Paul McCartney, Earth Wind and Fire, and Toto, Chelliah crafts an auditory masterpiece that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. He also attributes his profound admiration for the legendary Quincy Jones, whose influence on orchestration, arranging, music production, and musical spirituality reflects in the unique charm of ‘FuzAsian.’

The lead single, ‘Dreams of Yesterday,’ is a poignant reflection on the dreams that set Chelliah on a path to pursue the Californian dream as a musician. However, the song takes an unexpected turn, narrating the story of a person instead stuck in the bustling streets of New York, grappling with frustration and claustrophobia. Steven Chelliah’s heartfelt explanation and connection to the track further intensify its emotional resonance.

Steven explains: “I wrote the song during winter in New York City while dreaming of moving to LA..the melody of the chorus just came to my head. And the rest of the song wrote itself.”

Beyond his exceptional guitar skills, Chelliah is a maestro in composition, songwriting, music production, and orchestration. The entire ‘FuzAsian’ album is a testament to his versatility and proficiency, as he not only engineered, edited, and produced the record but also co-produced it alongside mix engineer James Knoerl. Every track in the album features original music penned and orchestrated by the gifted musician.

His passion for musical education led him to secure a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2007. There, he earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Jazz Composition and Contemporary Writing & Production. Influenced profoundly by the theoretical works of Joseph Schillinger (author of The Schillinger System of Musical Composition) and George Russell (author of The Lydian Chromatic Concept), Chelliah’s musical imagination knows no bounds. He has had the privilege of studying under renowned musicians like Mike Stern, Ken Pullig, Ted Pease, and Maria Schneider, refining his craft and further enriching his artistry. Notably, he holds the esteemed status of being a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

The release of ‘FuzAsian’ and the single ‘Dreams of Yesterday’ marks a significant milestone in Steven Chelliah’s musical journey, capturing the hearts of fans and critics alike with his distinctive fusion of Jazz and soulful songwriting. With his virtuosity and creativity on full display, Chelliah continues to push musical boundaries (and show off some tastey Steve Vai-esque guitar licks for good measure).

Both the album ‘FuzAsian’ and the single ‘Dreams of Yesterday’ are now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen below:

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