Film Review: Possessor

The film industry is full of examples of talent being passed down through generations. That and a healthy slab of nepotism which seems to run rife within the bubble of Hollywood. Whilst Brandon Cronenberg is very much a chip off the block, and his style undeniably owes a lot to father David, he is beginning to make his own mark. His feature debut, Antiviral, was full of ideas that never really came together. Its successor, Possessor, is a whole new ball game.

Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) is a trained assassin who is employed to take over a host and use it to terminate high-profile targets. Whilst on a job she struggles to maintain control over her killer. A fact she conceals from her boss, Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh), whilst being debriefed. With the chance of promotion on the cards, she takes on an important assignment. Tasya’s vessel is Colin (Christopher Abbott) who happens to be engaged to the daughter (Tuppence Middleton) of a wealthy businessman (Sean Bean). Her latest ‘body’ isn’t quite as mailable as expected.

First and foremost, Possessor is a beautifully realised vision. One which is painstakingly stitched together by a director brimming with confidence. Riseborough and Abbott are both superb as Cronenberg cranks up the action and intrigue. Whilst it’s slick and stylish and delivers on all the science-fiction tick boxes, the end pay-off doesn’t quite live up to the promise. Possessor will worm its way into your brain and good luck getting it out.

Possessor is released on digital by Signature Entertainment on 27 November.

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