Live Review and Gallery: All Time Low, 3Olympia, Dublin, 13/03/2023

Pop Punk powerhouses All Time Low brought their latest European tour to Dublin’s 3Olympia Theatre this past Monday the 13th of March. From the time they took the stage Alex Gaskarth (vocals,guitar), Jack Barakat (lead guitar), Zack Merrick (Bass) and Rian Dawson (drums) brought the energy to the 3olympia.

After a brief introduction the band sprung right into ‘PMA’ off their last album ‘Wake up Sunshine’. From they moment they took the stage Jack and Zack were bouncing around the stage barely standing still for a second. At the end of the song Alex asked for people to get up on shoulders and dance. Next song up was a much older track ‘Let it Roll’, but this didn’t affect the crowd who still sang every word back.

Third in the setlist was ‘Somethings gotta give’ which is a little slower and got the crowd dancing a little more. The lights were great for this song with a really great programmed light show while two screens as the back made the stage quite interesting. New song ‘Tell me I’m Alive’ was next with Alex taking to the piano during the song while the crowd clapped along.

 ‘Modern Love’ another new song was next with the band throwing in little snippets of All Time Low classic ‘Stella’ which got a great response from the crowd. Between songs frontman Alex and Jack kept the crowd entertained with funny anecdotes . ‘Somewhere in Neverland ‘ brought the crowd back to easier times and made them scream back the lyrics while dancing along!

The band took it back further in there catalogue again with ‘Lost in Stereo’ before two songs off their 2017 album ‘Last Young Renegade ‘ , ‘Life of the Party’ and ‘Dirty Laundry ‘. ‘Do you want me (dead)’ brought me back to my teenage years and had a smile on my face from start to finish.

2020 song ‘Get Away Green’ was another notable song in the set with the crowd jumping and singing along. They kept to the same album with slower track ‘Basement Noise’  before the piano version of ‘Omce in a Lifetime ‘ which was a nice moment to breath for both the band and the crowd.

‘Calm Down’ a song off their upcoming record got it’s live debut with the crowd seeming to enjoy it thoroughly . ‘Some-kind of Disaster’ was next and brought me back to 2020 as this song was a pandemic soundtrack for me! ‘Time-bomb’ then swiftly transported me to 2011 before the band brought it back to modern times with ‘Sleepwalking’.

After a brief interval the band exhausted whatever energy they had left with their 3 biggest tracks ‘Weightless’, ‘Monsters’ and ‘Dear Maria, Count me In’ to which the crowd responded by absolutely screaming every lyric to the band, something the band still haven’t seemed to get over after all these years. Overall this was a great Pop-punk show with the band showing their strength throughout their catalogue as they were able to play songs from all of the records and had the crowd engaged from start to finish!

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