Premiere: Queensland’s Swimsuit Issue continue to impress with glittering new track ‘This is the End’

We are very honoured to premiere the stunning new track ‘This is the End’ from Queensland’s innovative Swimsuit Edition – a band that refuses to be labelled or constrained in any way. From the punk thrash of ‘Addict’ to the pop lilt of ‘The Feeling’ and the bleached-white doobie-laden surfy ‘Hit It With You’, the band has explored styles with panache and an ear for melody and atmosphere. The common thread is a songwriting craft of the highest order.

Now, in my view, they have out done themselves with the chilling, arctic new wave sizzle of ‘This Is The End’. This track is a fuse that slowly burns – it simmers and prowls with an indelible atmosphere as singer Danny Mann exudes a sonorous, deep and alluring tone over the muted crystalline guitars and bass. His voice has a late night smoky lounge feel to it: world weary, blasted and pained that emerges like a butterfly from a cocoon into the chorus.

Strings ominously edge their way up the mix and the guitars have a Lynchian threat to them as they mark the horizons of the song with languid lines. The sudden introduction of a saxophone just sparks the fuse alight into a flame: a haunting refrain that swoops across the top of the track like a sudden spotlight across the gloomy, dark and gothic textures underneath.

This is a song that immediately wrests its way forward into one of the most enigmatic and statuesque releases this year so far:

A glittering delight. ‘This is the End’ is out on 24 June 2021 and you can pre-order/pre-save here.

The track comes off the band’s forthcoming album ‘Burn for the Buzz’, which based on the evidence so far, is going to be something quite special, available to pre-order here or through BandCamp.

Feature Photograph: Amie Victoria

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