Track/Video : Sonic therapists Wax Machine announce new album ‘The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On’ with psych pop fizzing ‘Glimmers’.

With the long nights and dull days sneaking closer we’re all in need of some transportation and Brighton’s Wax Machine are once more here to deliver. This is a band guaranteed to lift you beyond the day to day, maybe somewhere cosmic, maybe somewhere exotic or maybe deeper down within yourself. Revolving around the restless creativity of Brazilian born song-writer and guitarist Lau Ro, the new Wax Machine album ‘The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On’ will be available for prescription via global beats providers Batov Records from 3rd November.

Talking about the release Lau Ro hints at even looser spontaneous groove making this time around. That’s not to say that their previous offerings have been any less than fluid, heady rock music spinning lusciously through a whirlpool of influences. Their debut ‘Earthsong of Silence’ stirred together Harvest-era folk, krautrock clarity, a prog mindset and a shot of tropicalia. Then last year’s ‘Hermit’s Grove’ drew further on Ro’s heritage with a sun – soaked fusion of psych-toned bosa and indie exotica. The promise for ‘The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On’ is a soundtrack trusting more to instinct, making room for the improv and channelling an open-minded Don Cherry spirit.

Preview track ‘Glimmers’ gives a peep of how this can pan out. A sprightly vocal pairing of Ro with band buddy Isobel Jones, a folky double bass twang and an unflustered Seu Jorge momentum sees the song jangle gleefully along. There are chuckles and light-touch slide-guitaring but an uneasy sense of something beyond quirky simmering in the lo-fi. Keep in touch and dig deeper when ‘The Sky Unfurls’…

Pre-order your copy of ‘The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On’ by Wax Machine from Batov Records HERE

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