Live Review: Nothing,Nowhere./guccihighwaters/sadeyes – Manchester Club Academy 18/11/22

First up tonight supporting nothing,nowhere. is Oregon based rapper, sadeyes. Whilst not being the most talkative with the odd few lines said in between songs he left it to his actions on stage. Throughout the set he doesn’t stop moving, delivering his lyrics to as much of the crowd as he can and singing towards peoples phones, as well as fist bumping different members of the crowd. Given this is his first tour, he is surprisingly comfortable with crowd interaction and it’s definitely a great way to ingratiate yourselves with the fans and increase the fanbase for future gigs.

One key part in the set is when he covers Owl City’s song ‘Fireflies’ to much excitement among the crowd, stating “whether you know me or not you’ll know this song, if not you’re crazy”. During this song he interacts with the crowd a lot, going into the photo pit and standing on the barrier with his microphone pointing to the crowd encouraging them to sing the lyrics back to him.

Another standout song towards the end of his set is ‘nyctophobia’ off of his recent EP ‘molotov’. He finishes his set with his most popular song to date ‘Jaded’ and before leaving the stage says he is happy to meet fans after the show.

Next up is rapper, guccihighwaters. In comparison to the previous support, this set was a much higher energy one with guccihighwaters constantly telling the crowd they’re dope and let’s keep the energy going, as well as him going to the barrier a lot more and encouraging the crowd to sing his lyrics more.

Mid way through the set, he brings Sadeyes onto the stage to perform their single ‘Fast Life’ which was released earlier this year. There’s a real sense of friendship between all three of the acts on tonight’s stage, which is unsurprising given their numerous music collaborations, but it also means the fans are all familiar with each act and this makes the whole night have a really cohesive feel.

Last to take to the stage is headliner ‘Nothing,Nowhere.’ with the American rapper Joe Mulherin supported by guitarist Bert Moreshead, drummer Taylor Carpenter and guitarist Blake Hardman.

The set begins with newly released single ‘CYAN1DE’ which features Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and although the track is new, fans know the lyrics and this is a track that I can see having huge success – unfortunately, much to my disappointment, there was no surprise appearance from Pete! Check out the video for the track here. He continues his set with more pop-punk rap songs such as ‘Pretend’ and ‘Nightmare’ from his last album ‘Trauma Factory’ released last year.

After finishing ‘Lights (4444)’, Joe says he’s going to do something a bit different tonight which turns out to be a proposal on stage. Calling out two people from the crowd by name, they both appear on stage and a marriage proposal is made, with the yes response met with resounding cheers from the crowd. 

Following the proposal, he next plays ‘Pieces of You’ saying to the crowd that he wants to see high energy and while he loves security, they’ve got jobs for a reason (encouraging the crowd to move and mosh etc). As the set progresses so does the mosh pit as by the end of the set it’s a chaotic scene. Everyone returns to the stage to perform the encore, playing the most popular and streamed song to date ‘hammer’.

Set List




Love or chemistry

Lights (4444)

Pieces of You

Fake friend


Clarity in Kerosene

Hopes Up







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