Premiere: Sydney’s Ona Mota get down and boogie with an effervescent style in their new single ‘Dance With U’.

We are very pleased to provide an exclusive listen to the funky new dance single from Sydney’s Ona Mota. This is a song so packed full of an irresistible funky vibe that even a hardened miserablist like myself is won over. And that’s a major achievement. Infectious, louche and utterly cool: this is such a laid back joyous track that seems to emit rays of sunshine with every beat, carried on splattering, splashing guitars and scaling melodies.

Produced by Matthew Hadley (Total Giovanni, Methyl Ethyl), “Dance With U” opens with a brief intro played on a Suiko – an obscure synthesizer traditionally used to play Japanese classical music. This is just the first sign of a band that is adventurous and innovative, willing and able to explore genres and defy easy categorisation.

The band says of the single:

We want to blend a variety of genres into one ‘funky experiment’ that gets people dancing. We’ve been pushing ourselves to the same musical edges as the Bee Gees and Scissor Sisters which has lead to plenty of interesting musical accidents.

And yet undercutting the bright and effervescent bounce, the vocals still manage a delectable touch of melancholy (a vital ingredient in any pop song).

Indeed, the band says of the lyrics:

The lyrics have characters that are linked through this story of heartbreak. The world has let them down and they come together and dance to overcome their despair.

Yet the lyrics also have a self-deprecatory sense of humour:

You’ve simply got me wrong
But I do what you ask me to
I’m simply good for nothing
But I still wanna dance with you
It’s such a silly world
Why’d you do what they asked you to?
Simply good for nothing
But I still wanna dance with you

If this is the panacea to the ills of today’s grim reality, then I’ll have a lifetime’s prescription, thanks, Doctor.

‘Dance With U’ is being released on Friday, 26 August 2021 through Source Music and here’s an exclusive listen to the track:

The single will be available through all the usual download and streaming sites and you can pre-save here.

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