Track: Field Music – Time in Joy

Time in Joy is the lead and second track to be released from Field Music’s 6th album proper, Open Here, which is released on February 2nd on Memphis Industries.

Despite by their own admission, with this new album, to be pursuing a less stripped down sound than on its predecessor ‘Commontime’, it’s business as usual from this pair of Wearside Clever-clogs and as ever, it’s pop music, but not as we know it. TIJ weighs in at just over 6 minutes, Kicking off with bleak and brooding sci-fi synth drones and sparse rhythms, but before too long, we’ve descended into No-Wave Flute-Funk with plenty of those Field-Music-isms that we’ve come to expect. Vocals are handled by Peter on this one, and in a nutshell discuss the notion of still managing to have fun despite dark times, and in defiance of an increasingly cruel world, with typical eloquence.

They’re showing no signs of running out of ideas, these boys, and it’s just possible that this may never happen, at this rate. Lang may their lum reek!

Gram Canyon

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