See: Cults reveal visuals for Right Words and Natural State.

New York duo Cults have released new videos for two tracks from their recent album Offering – Right Words and Natural State. Shot in LA, the video is a crossover of mediums, directed by Elliott Sellers with animations by Lucy Dyson. The video develops from natural to surreal scenes, following Cults frontwoman Madeline Follin through a psychedelic journey of visually engaging collages, that features ants heavily. Thats got to be a good thing, right..? Elliot says of the making of the video, “We shot Right Words in a few hours around Griffith Park. Madeline was in LA for a wedding and we discussed getting weird with an acid-dipped strawberry picnic idea and some classic cut-up/collage techniques. Natural State was basically the come down of all the psychedelic 2d animation, existing in the real world. Long live ‘Flat-Madeline.’”

Right Words is this Summery, hook laden slice of synth-pop. It’s dreamy, off-kilter, edge of the dancefloor music with big chords and a bigger chorus. Natural State is slower and more circumspect, but is similarly dreamy, sweetened (as if it needed to be) by vocal harmonies and this almost torch song backing.

Check it/them out, here

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