See: The Wytches – ‘Gravedweller’ a Hallowe’en treat!

“Gravedweller, make sure you bury me next to the family who resemble me.”

[Unashamedly re-hashed from the Backseat Mafia vaults for Hallowe’en]


Imagine you’re taking a stroll round a graveyard. It’s dark. It’s misty. But there’s no need to be scared, because Dick Dale is with you holding your hand. Before you, two figures appear from the gloom. Just imagine that it’s the spirits of Kurt Cobain and Lux Interior. Now you don’t need me to tell you that right there you would have one hell of trio. Just imagine if you could get all three jamming? Sadly this little scenario of ours is never going to happen. But fear not, from behind the tomb stones and out the murk a real live trio, with bags full of surf, garage, grunge and ‘B’ movie horror are here to save the day, (or should that be night). It’s The Wytches, – ‘Gravedweller’.

It’s the perfect tune for Hallowe’en – enjoy!

This excerpt first appeared on backseat mafia back in February 2014 – click HERE to see the original and more…


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