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Independent record label Fierce Panda have been around for 21 years, supporting the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and The Crookes, and they’ve reached another milestone this September with the release of their 300th single. The celebratory landmark has been gifted to none other than London-based Longfellow with their song ‘Choose’, a soulful song that drips with heartbreaking emotion. It’s a magnificent choice for Fierce Panda.

The music video for ‘Choose’ was filmed in Berlin and its monochrome style is mirrored in the lyrics; ‘be my saviour / be my downfall’ describes a world in black and white – it’s all or nothing for this relationship, and there’s no colourful in-between. Lead singer Owen James Lloyd is seen standing on a rooftop, staring into the distance as he sings the melancholy track, lamenting over a mysterious girl who walks through the streets of Berlin alone.

Is she looking for him? Who knows, but when she reaches the rooftop there’s nothing but grey clouds. Maybe he’s made the choice for her; maybe it was his choice all along. Either way, the two characters don’t meet and it feels like the point has been reached where neither of them can carry on anymore.

B-side ‘Better Love’ feels lighter than ‘Choose’, with its delicate melodies that enchant you on the first listen, but both songs are frustratingly good from a band that remains unsigned. Longfellow aren’t afraid to let their humanity show and that’s what makes them so utterly captivating.

Watch the video to ‘Choose’ below:

Download available on 4th September 2015 / CD released on 25th September 2015.

23rd October – LONDON – Scala (supporting Walking On Cars)

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