Film Review: Mom and Dad

It’s only normal to approach parenthood with at least a hint of trepidation. There’s no special pill or bestselling novel that can prepare you for the trials and tribulations to come. It’s normal to pick things up as you go along and second time round is usually a lot easier. There’s no denying the invisible bond between parents and their progeny. A built-in need to protect. What would happen if this was reversed? Imagine if you threw Nicolas Cage into the mix.

On the surface, the Ryans seem like a normal family; albeit there’s a certain amount of tension within the household. Brent (Cage) loves his kids but wants some adult space in the house and does not approve of Carly’s (Anne Winters) boyfriend (Robert T. Cunningham). Josh (Zackary Arthur) is forever annoying his sister, whilst Kendall (Selma Blair) wonders what happened to all her big plans. Whilst Carly’s at school, a strange static is broadcast over the TV and radio which drives parents to filicide.

Mom and Dad is a deranged action film which gives its actors full-range to have fun. This is the habitat where a feral Nic Cage is in his element and he appears to be enjoying every second. However, this is not just a one man show. Director Brian Taylor injects enough originality, clever humour and energy to ensure that it doesn’t go stale or completely jump the shark. Played out with gleeful abandon, Mom and Dad is bloody good family fun.

Mom and Dad is released on Digital Download by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on 2 July. It will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on 16 July.

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