Film Review: Ideal Home

In Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan created a character who is not only hugely popular with British audiences but also put Norfolk and Linton Travel Tavern on the map. However, outside of playing the mercurial radio show host, TV presenter and woman’s man (citation needed), Coogan has struggled to gain a foothold on the big screen. Especially in Hollywood. His new film, Andrew Fleming’s Ideal Home, is also one of his best.

Erasmus Brumble (Coogan), and eccentric and flamboyant TV chef, is in for a shock when he discovers he has a grandson (Jack Gore). His partner Paul (Paul Rudd), a TV director, is less than impressed to discover that Erasmus has a son (Jake McDorman), who is now in jail. The boy moves in with the bickering pair and despite misgiving on all sides they begin to resemble a family unit. However, parenting isn’t easy.

Ideal Home is a charming warm-hearted comedy which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Both Coogan and Rudd are excellent and revel in their roles, but it’s the former who gets the best lines/moments. Some of which are laugh-out-loud funny. Whilst it is fairly predictable and loses momentum in the middle third, there’s enough invention and gags to keep things interesting. Ideal Home is a light and enchanting comedy with a soft centre.

Ideal Home is in cinemas and on Digital HD on 6 July.

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