Album Review: Blues Pills – Holy Moly!

Thirds the charm is a phrase you can throw at Blues Pills and it will certainly stick. With a cracking pair of previous albums behind them the band took a 3 year break before releasing any new material. During the bands short break they built their own studio, Lindbacka Sounds, in an old factory in the rural area of Närke, Sweden and filled it up with analog recording equipment, and their own personal demons haunting them in their sleep. Exhausted and empty after the long years of touring all over the world they went back to basics, and the last years of highs and lows lead to a more autobiographical album.

Kicking things off with ‘Proud Woman’ a statement track for Larsson and one that sets the stage for the album. A full on psych rock album firmly cemented with tracks like ‘Low Road’ drenched in Wah Wah guitars and machine gun drumming and ‘Dreaming My Life Away’ and its killer guitar riffs and full on chorus. The band turn everything up and blows the stage up.

Those fantastic vocal chords of Larsson’s really take off on ‘California’ and ‘Dust’ but the guitars aren’t to be over shadowed with Anderson’s conjuring up some bluesy solo efforts that fit perfectly into the songs. ‘California’ in particular allows Larsson to really stretch over some laid back melodic playing from Anderson.

Along with the straight up blues the band delves into their psychedelic bag of tricks pulling out track ‘Rhythm In The Blood’ . Flying out the speakers on rolling rollicking drums with a possessed sounding Larsson shotgunning lyrics over fuzzy guitars.

Single ‘Kiss My Past Goodbye’ we reviewed here is a song full of raw power, funky riffs, and wild drumming. Another statement piece from the band as they shake off the past and rise up.

‘Wish I’d Known’ takes a shot at the Alabama Shakes with its low and lazy blues and sublime lead playing. Its tracks like this where the bands songwriting craft really shines. ‘Song From A Mourning Dove’ brings in a piano for Larsson to float above reaching some beautiful notes before turning on the power for the chorus.

Finisher ‘Longest Lasting Friend’ is a track for late at night as Larsson once again seals the show with a fantastic vocal performance covering depression and its effects.

This band have stepped up for this album. The break has worked wonders and they come back united and on fire with the tunes to back up all the hard work. A lot of credit will go towards the superb performance of Larsson but thats ignoring the rest of the band. Anderson has played it spot on through out the record. His guitar parts take the tracks from average blues to blues masterpieces. But Andersson and Larsson wouldn’t be able to do what they have with out the back line of André Kvarnström
Kristoffer Schander. Together they lay the foundation for some of the finest tracks this band have shared.

Check out the single ‘Kiss My Past Goodbye’ below:

Album available here

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