Grimmfest Review: Threshold

Leo and Virginia

Modern technology has been rapidly changing the face of cinema. Long gone are the days when you need cumbersome equipment or a complex development process. Today, all you need is a mobile device, a lot of imagination and the appropriate software. The likes of Steven Soderbergh and Sean Baker have demonstrated what can be done with limited means. Using just two iPhones and significant improvisation, Threshold was completed with just twelve days of shooting.

Leo (Joey Millin) is annoyed when his mum asks him to go and check on his sister. Virginia (Madison West) has a history of substance abuse and often seems to be in some sort of trouble. Whilst he’s in the process of an acrimonious marriage breakdown and doesn’t need the stress right now. When he arrives at her apartment, he finds her in a bad way; talking incoherently about a curse. The estranged siblings must go on a road trip to find the man ‘bound’ to her and, in the process, rediscover their relationship.

Threshold is an impressive feat given the constraints Powell Robinson and Patrick R. Young place themselves under. Whilst the genre elements are ever present, bubbling to the surface at the end, it’s the family drama which serves as a focal point. It works well thanks to impressive performances from Millin and West. They have a wary rapport which builds and evolves throughout the film. Making Threshold and enjoyable and intriguing watch.

Threshold screens at Grimmfest Easter Horror Nights.

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