Track: The wonderous world of ‘You’, the debut single from Natalie Wildgoose

‘You’- by Natalie Wildgoose

‘You’ is the exquisite and poetically versed debut single from up and coming singer-songwriter Natalie Wildgoose. Drawing from her jazz , pop and folk affinities, with the kind of developed musicianship influenced from her environment ( A Masters Student at Trinity laban), Natalie is certainly a vocalist that is confident in her artistic choices. Although bearing a likeness to artists as diverse as Portishead,, Big Thief, She & Him , Fiona Apple, she stands on her own two feet , carefully projecting her strong , wonderfully mature vocals over a harmonically graceful overdub of analogue synths. Her video also showcases her warm, inviting artistic persona, drawing the audience in to experience her multifaceted dreamstate of a world . ‘ You’ is ultimately a song about being madly and utterly in love, with a protagonist who at first timid, ends up confessing with every fibre of her being, more than ‘her eyes can see’. A rising star on the london jazz scene of lead vocalists and lyricists, her future collaboration with Snow Poet’s Matt Robinson , to be released later this summer promises to be nothing short of majestic if ‘You’ is any indication.

‘You ‘ is out on all major platforms here . Check out more of Natalie Wildgoose’s music here

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