Track: Twin Diver delivers ‘Television’ – a brooding, prowling track with a melodic heart

There is an ominous and deliciously malevolent atmosphere in the single ‘Television’ by Twin Diver – an edgy brutality that has the raw energy of Joy Division with a crisp bubbling instrumentation highlighted by the jangling guitars and brooding rhythm section.

The vocals have a disembodied chilling timbre, adding to the ethereal tone and the hint of menace, with the refrain:

And when I die, I hope they put me on television.

And yet deep underneath the dark gothic cloak there beats a shining melodic pop heart. The glittering energy of a band like The Smiths hiding its light under a bushel.

According to the band:

The track delves into how people want to feel special and the pursuit of that feeling. I think everyone has a strange thought process around needing to feel important, almost a case of not caring what people think of you as long as it’s you they’re thinking of. As people in general, we have a very precarious sense of self.

This is terrific stuff:

The duo come from Dublin and are now based in London. You can download/stream the single from here or through the link below.

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