Premiere: Mike Alias – ‘Drift’: celestial jazz-hop from California

CALIFORNIAN artist Mike Alias today releases his new single, “Drift”, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here today on Backseat Mafia.

Born into a musical family, Mike took inspiration from the hiphop and R&B roots of the Bay Area, using his guitar and music production skills to create his unique soundscapes.

Describing his sound as celestial jazz-hop, Mike mixes up breaks and jazz chords as a backdrop to his dreamlike and dream-inducing worlds, rapping: “Certain things persist, though we may not find our bliss. We’re watching, waiting, fornicating, pacing while we drift“

A California native, Mike was raised in a fusion of musical traditions. Born to an artistic family, he grew up with the influence of Rock and Roll in his home. Outside, he derived inspiration from the hip-hop and R&B roots of the Bay Area. He learned to use lyricism and wordplay to tell stories of the human experience and began performing in local venues. His fluency in guitar and music production later created a unique soundscape, combining live instrumentation with synthwave elements.

“Drift” does as it suggests and drifts along, the complex beats pulling the laid back jazz of the accompaniment along as it sloshes and splashes hazy chords over everything. Vocal harmonies, a twinkling guitar solo and trip-hop stylings add to the mix, with Mike’s vocal draped smoothly over the top.

Beautiful chilled out music. Drift away …. .

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