Dream Wife recently released the accompanying video to “So When You Gonna…”, which continues on from previous singles “Sports!” and “Hasta La Vista”. The tracks will feature on the band’s subsequent album, arriving July 3 from Lucky Number, with the latest track “So When You Gonna…” being its title track.

The video takes the wildly disorienting and inventive perspective of a Dream Wife concert-goer, envisioned through their mouth, gnashers and all. This technique alludes to the infectiously brash, youth-injected lyrics of vocalist Rakel Mjöll- “What a lovely mouth”, “So when you gonna kiss me?”. Lyrics like these are evergreen in their joyous but commanding exuberance, a constant staple of their songs. The track is underpinned by wondrously vicious rhythm guitar, a belligerent “grunge-meets-punk” affair.

Check it out here.