Video Premiere: ferna Delivers Visuals For Warming New Single ‘Wasting’

Irish singer-songwriter ferna delivers hypnotic visuals for the warming and bitingly honest new single ‘Wasting’.

A track built around ferna’s heartfelt, melancholic vocal delivery and strikingly truthful lyricism, ‘Wasting’ contrasts the moving nature of the lyricism with punching drums and distorted bass. A rich, cinematic and yet still thoughtful and beautiful soundscape with well places synth lines and wonderfully layerded vocal harmonies, the track delivers captures an essence of Phoebe Bridgers whilst retaining ferna’s unique musical approach.

No accompanied by a simple yet effective video showcasing ferna getting lost in her own thoughts, singing directly to camera through a series of social situations, the video does a brilliant job of representing depression, anxiety and the feeling of getting lost within your mind, of over analysing while others talk around you. Acting as an affecting visual aid to the tracks lyrical content, the video dies everything that a good video should – artistic, yet staying true to the songs meaning and matching it’s delivery.

Discussing the tracks lyrical meaning, ferna notes that the track was based on the novel Milkman, particularly the battles within ones self and the search for safety. “I feel like when people are in crisis that it doesn’t usually happen in this big dramatic way, but rather more slowly and imperceptibly, to the outside world as they try to keep face. Wasting tries to capture that internal meltdown.”

Discussing the release ferna explains: 

“I think we can all feel a tension between who we feel we are inside and what we feel is acceptable to present on the outside. It can obviously be risky to show the real you, but damage is also done when we hide ourselves away over a sustained period of time. So the song’s really chewing that conundrum over, and asking the question – which is the worse fate?”

Watch the new video below:

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