Meet: Rock Rap Crew Andrew W. Boss

Created with his older brothers Adam aka Hypeman 5000, and Jon aka Flip Andrew W Boss is a rap-rock crew from Utah who are out to prove things this year. With a brand new track out ‘God Of Pain‘ we at Backseat Mafia got chance to put some questions to the band to find out a little bit more about them.

Give us a potted history of youself

BAndrew W. Boss is a Rock Rap Metal band from Utah, formed in 2016, and named after the Singer and front man Andrew. The band was created with his older brothers, Adam aka Hypeman 5000, and Jon aka Flip, after Andrew had a falling out with his band at the time, but still had shows booked that year with Tech N9ne, and Sevendust.

Now, with Andrew at the helm, they have linked up with producers Pablo Viveros and Jim Fogarty and the band has released a bunch of music and have toured all over the country with Twiztid, Hed PE, Saliva, and more. Staying true to themselves in song, in person and on stage, the Utah boys continue to impress everyone with their kindness and hard work ethic and have garnered the nickname “The Boss Crew’ by their fans. New songs and New tours will always be on the way, so don’t miss a good ole Boss Crew party when they come through your hood.

Who inspired you to start making music

My mother talked me into being in the school band, and she said the saxophone was her favorite, so in 5th grade I got an alto sax, and began learning sheet music and classical music and jazz, and I did that for a handful of years playing with an Orchestra. In high school my buddy Derrick Larson talked me into singing in our band (which I was completely terrible) but my older brother was in a band so I wanted to be cool too. 

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

The 2 albums that most inspired me as a kid, Korn’s, Life is peachy album, and Tupac’s, Me Against The World. 

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

Rock Rap Metal, similar to Hollywood Undead

Tell us about your new single

A buddy of mine that is a photographer and a lighting guru really, called me and said that he was working on a horror film and he really wanted me to meet the Director, Initially he had played our new song The Leap, we released last year, but when we met up and talked about everything Brian Gerber (photographer) and JD Allen (director) said they wanted to have us write a song for the film.

So we took a couple guitar riffs, and met up with my producer Pablo Viveros (Chelsea Grin) out in Nashville, and we tracked all the guitars, bass and drums out there. I came back to Salt Lake and put down the vocals and sent it to JD and he loved it. So I sent it out to my genius guy Jim Fogarty who does all my mixing and mastering and Producing out in Massachusetts and we got it all polished up. So we met up again, Brian, JD, and I and we came up with some ideas for the video and decided to film it on the same set that they used for the film, and I think it came out beautifully. 

Where can we get hold of it

The Music Video comes out June 26th, and the song streaming everywhere June 30th

Tell us how you write

It depends, sometimes I’ll have my vocals ready and we build around that. Sometimes we will start with guitar riffs. 

Tell us about your live show. What would be your dream gig

Our live show is very energetic and very interactive with the crowd, my dream would be to sell out House Of Blues in Boston. 

What can we expect from you in the near future

Our new album STRENGTH comes out Aug 26th.

Tell us your favourite records that are rocking your headphones/tour bus / stereo?

Right now I have a playlist on Spotify that’s called RAP METAL 2023 that has all my favorite tracks im jammin right now, like Skindred, Hyro The Hero, Attila, Dropout Kings, Nonpoint, and more. 

Find out more via Boss’s Website or Facebook

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