News: Indie-rock riser Tom Seth Johnson unveils anthemic summer anthem ‘Break Over Love’

Indie-rock sensation Tom Seth Johnson is setting the UK music scene ablaze with his irresistible and infectious sound. As he continues to make waves, gracing the airwaves of BBC Radio 1 and captivating audiences at renowned venues like The Fiddler’s Elbow, Johnson has now unveiled his latest offering, ‘Break Over Love’ – an indie summer anthem destined to become a timeless classic!

In his own words, Johnson captures the essence of the track: “The antics of a lustful night out. Finding that person that you connect with instantly. Like a primal attraction you can’t control. You end up spending the night together and convince yourself you might have just fallen in love. Only to never hear from them again as he or she vanishes into a distant memory.”

‘Break Over Love’ stands tall as a track that perfectly encapsulates the electrifying spirit of summer, immersing listeners in its melodic charm and resonating with Tom Seth Johnson’s undeniable musical prowess. With every note, he takes us on a euphoric journey that leaves us yearning for more of his captivating creations.

Prepare to be enthralled by Tom Seth Johnson’s artistry as ‘Break Over Love’ sweeps you off your feet and leaves a lasting impression! This talented indie-rock virtuoso is definitely one to watch!

Listen below:

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