News: Rising Artist Summon Luke’s Latest Single ‘Without You’ Featured in the New Film Moon Garden

Riding the waves of the music scene, Summon Luke (Luke Harris) has emerged as an electrifying force with his genre-blending mastery of electronic industrial and pop rock elements. Delving into the realms of fantasy and tragedy, his music weaves epic tales that transport audiences to otherworldly dimensions, setting him apart as a trailblazing artist.

Accompanying his mesmerising soundscapes, Summon Luke’s visuals are a stunning fusion of sci-fi and fantasy, adding another layer of allure to his artistic vision.

In a stunning collaboration, Summon Luke joins forces with the enchanting vocalist, Lucy Oaks, to deliver an emotionally charged rendition of Harry Nilsson’s timeless classic, ‘Without You’. Their heartfelt interpretation resonates deeply, and it’s no surprise that it has been chosen as a part of the original soundtrack for the eagerly anticipated motion picture, Moon Garden. Currently gracing select theatres nationwide, this cinematic masterpiece promises to be a surreal journey through the realms of imagination.

‘Without You’ is a shining testament to Summon Luke’s prowess in evoking raw emotions through his powerful musical compositions. With each note, he leaves a profound impact, drawing listeners into a realm of poignant reflections and soul-stirring melodies.

As Summon Luke continues to push boundaries and redefine artistic norms, ‘Without You’ becomes a must-listen track, capturing the hearts of audiences everywhere. Whether experienced through the silver screen’s magical embrace in Moon Garden or on the digital airwaves of major streaming platforms, this song is bound to leave a lasting impression on the musical landscape. Embrace the enchantment, and immerse yourself in Summon Luke’s musical odyssey.

Watch the lyric video below:

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