See: Night Idea release video for Easy to Lie

Indie prog poppers Night Idea are about to release their new album Breathing Cold, and ahead of that they’ve released a new animated video to accompany the song Easy to Lie. The striking animation was directed by Emily Kundrot, who shared the following about the video’s concept:

“The idea for the video started out based on my life experience of what it feels like to hunt for a job after schooling. You’re presented with nothing but constant optimism when really thats not the case at all.
It really takes hard work, perseverance and an unwillingness to give up, unlike the image of point A to point B that education can present. The character here tries to solve that problem by lying on his resume.”

The song itself is an organ heavy slice of prog-indie pop. Built on these scattering drums, it’s fairly straight forward otherwise, its charm and beauty built around its simple catchiness. There’s always this waft of ambition about the whole thing though, backed up with the increasingly influential guitar, which delivers this winding intricate solo.

Check it out, here

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