SEE: Francis of Delirium – ‘Let It All Go’: casting fate to the wind with punk pop fizz

Jana Bahrich of Francis of Delirium, photographed by Lynn Thiesen

I MEAN, we knew straight away that Francis of Delirium, the Canadian-American duo happy to call Luxembourg home, were probably not going to be shrinking violets; that much was certainly out there for all to see when they came howling out of the sky on a raft of righteous guitars on their debut single, “Quit Fucking Around”.

The pair – 19-year-old Jana Bahrich and collaborator Chris Hewett – are following the spiky post-grunge stylings of their debut EP, All Change, with a new extended play offering, Wading, reflecting Jana’s experiences of leaving high school and sploshing out into the swirling currents of the next stage of being. It explores the existence of self, the extent to which we can truly know ourselves and what it means to rebuild when everything falls apart.

“Let It All Go” marries fuzzy Seattle guitars with a nose for a post-punk pop melody; think The Breeders kickin’ back with Altered Images. Jana alternately singing loud ‘n’ proud, caressing, even dropping into spoken word, as the occasion fits. She’s letting go, giving the whole scene a massive, distasteful vote of screw you, as she details:

“’Let It All Go’ chronicles a full commitment to isolation. It imagines me on a night out, drunk and babbling on about how sad I am. Nobody wants to be around that person.

“At the heart of this song, away from all the craziness, is a desire to accept change and find acceptance within myself, letting go of holding onto any pain or hurt.”

And it all comes framed with some excellent claymation visuals, courtesy Jana as well.

It’s the second taster Francis of Delirium have revealed from the EP, following “Lakes”, which we reveled in here and which we spilled ink on to the former ends: “It’s bruised slow burner that reminds us over here at BSM of a couple of lost greats of American alt.rock: Veruca Salt and Magnapop.”

Keep your antennae well tuned for that EP, forthcoming on Dalliance Recordings.

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