Track: Marveline’s pop sensibilities and inherent whimsy are on display in the delightful new single ‘Fly By Instruments’

Last year we shone a bright light on the debut album ‘Savoury-toothed Tiger‘ from Sydney go-to musician Pete Marley’s outfit Marveline, calling it:

…a pocketful of pure pop, with some sunshine and humour for the age of isolation and yet leavened by darker observations and the odd touch of melancholia. 

It was a buoyant piece of melody-infested pop, and Marley has not rested on his laurels – we have since cast an appraising eye and ear over follow up single ‘Our Parade‘, a shimmering Beatlesque delight. Now Marveline has unveiled another drop of delight in the form of ‘Fly By Instruments’. Whimsy is Marley’s middle name in this paean to the age of insecurity and anxiety, delivered through his archetypal gentle instrumentation and reverberated vocals:

I’m not trained to fly by instruments
If I see a storm I just stay on the ground
Not made for risky investments
If we stay will our love compound?

This is an evocative palimpsest of our age of isolation and the uncertainties of COVID, with Marley’s melodic mastery creating a more reflective tone imbued with his trademark sense of humour, albeit touched with melancholy. ‘Fly By Instruments’ is out now and available through the link below or you can stream it here.

There is an album on the way and, we hear, more material from Marley’s other job as bass player at The Nature Strip. Marvelous!

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