Track: Marveline returns with ‘Our Parade’ – another smashing power pop track

Last year, Marveline, the solo work of Sydney artist Pete Marley, released the debut album ‘Savoury-toothed Tiger’, premiered on Backseat Mafia. It was a pop powered package of good humour and mountainous melodies that really shone during the midst of the bleak pandemic year. Marveline is back with new material, and what a delight it is.

Marley’ signature self-deprecatory humour is ever present, as is the gorgeous melody – undeniably a Beatlesque shimmer (more on the George Harrison scale) with layers of harmonies and a touch of melancholy. The lyrics are romantic and joyful yet somehow have an indelible air of 21st century anxiety:

I have a plan, just hold my hand
the world won’t care we’ll soon be gone,
we’ll disappear into the sun

Marley is a tunesmith of the highest order – crafting gentle, jangling and shimmering pop with instrumentation that is refreshing and surprising. You can tell too that Marley’s main weapon of choice is bass – there is a peppy, effervescent and restless roaming bass underpinning the track that would raise an admirable eyebrow of McCartney.

It’s marvellous stuff indeed from Sydney’s go-to musician (and member of The Nature Strip) and an exciting sign of more to come. You can get the single now though the link below

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