Track: Indie 5-Piece Paradise Circus Share Multifaceted New Single ‘Sanguinem’

Opening with a swelling blend of synths and low pass filtered guitar, Paradise Circus’ new offering ‘Sanguinem’ creates an atmospheric suspense for bursting to life with a snare ‘Crack’. A shimmering, vibrant guitar riff, punching drums, swelling bass, strummed acoustics and subtle washes of synth create an anthemic opening to the track.

The elegant Death Cab For Cutie-esque lead vocals soon enter, giving the track a hook whilst treading through poetic lyricism delivered with an air of reflective melancholy. As the track grows, the bands indie-rock nature is contrasted with moments of glitching electronics and hidden subtleties which give the track depth and intrigue throughout.

Speaking further about the track, they explain: “The record is about someone who is going into conflict and reflecting on the struggle someone has, originally written in the first person of a boy being forced to fight in war.

A musically mature effort displaying emotional depth and sonic understanding, ‘Sanguinem’ is a great effort bringing together electronic elements with 90s influence alt-rock to create an exciting, moving and ultimately interesting and depthy listen.

Listen below:

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