Track: InBetween Honey offer up their refreshing blend of indie rock and britpop in soaring new single ‘Your Eyes’

Irish indie rock outfit InBetween Honey are a shining example of a band forged from a shared passion for music. Consisting of brothers Matty and JohnPaul Melady, Dylan Hickey, Dan Battigan, and Ciara McManus, their latest single, ‘Your Eyes’, promises to propel them to even bigger heights.

Produced by the acclaimed Philip McGee (Gavin James, The Coronas), ‘Your Eyes’ is a high-energy anthem that seamlessly blends the melodic richness of 90’s guitar music with the synth-infused sounds of the 80’s. This track follows their successful single, ‘Nothing More’ and continues to showcase their ability to craft compelling indie rock anthems.

From the opening chords of ‘Your Eyes’, listeners are treated to a sonic experience that pays homage to the britpop genre, complete with soaring vocals and a driving rhythm section. Lead singer Dylan Hickey’s vocal performance stands out, drawing comparisons to Liam Gallagher with its raw power and emotional depth. The track’s instrumentation is tight and dynamic, featuring melodic guitars and thumping drums that create an infectious energy.

They say “It means in our generation everyone always seems to care about the cost of clothes, hair and the shoes someone has on their feet and we think why can’t it be about looking into that person’s eyes?”

It’s clear that this is a band full of personality and brimming with potential. Their sound is both nostalgic and fresh, appealing to fans of indie, rock, and everything in between. The track is a testament to their growth and their knack for writing songs that not only entertain but also provoke thought.

‘Your Eyes’ is a triumph and you can’t help but get swept up in the euphoric and nostalgia infused energy of it. Stream it now.

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