News: Parker Lee Makes A Striking Debut On The Southern Rock Sizzler ‘Catawba River’

Parker Lee, known for his commanding presence as the lead singer of the world-famous rockers Molly Hatchet makes his solo debut with ‘Catawba River.’ This mesmerising track, a precursor to his highly-anticipated upcoming album ‘Devils In Dixie’ released via Conch Town Records.

Lee’s musical journey began at a young age, inspired by his cousin, the original lead vocalist of Cheap Trick. However, it was the chance discovery of a Kiss album hidden in his childhood room that ignited the lifelong flame of his musical passion. His distinctive style is a seamless blend of Southern rock and blues rock, profoundly influenced by rock icons such as Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rival Sons, and Foo Fighters.

What sets Parker Lee apart is his songwriting, which draws from authentic life experiences, forging a deep connection with his audience. Throughout his career, he’s had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants, appreciating the wealth of knowledge garnered from these seasoned professionals.

Listeners are in for a treat with his upcoming singles, including the debut out now ‘Catawba River,’ ‘Climbing Up,’ and ‘Prison Gate,’ providing a tantalising glimpse into the musical odyssey that is ‘Devils In Dixie.’ The album is masterfully produced by Ian Shaw and features significant contributions from music luminaries like Matt Backer, Majory Lee, Ericson Holt, and accomplished drum and bass players.

A pivotal chapter in Parker Lee’s journey includes a noteworthy encounter with Ken Knox from The Chairmen Of The Board, orchestrated by Butch Lucas, the former bassist for Al Green. Under the mentorship of Ken Knox, who recognised Lee’s prodigious talent from the outset, the young artist received invaluable guidance, nurturing his growth as a performer and an artist.

‘Catawba River’ offers an exciting taste of what to expect on ‘Devils In Dixie’ and promises a vibrant future filled with remarkable developments from this extraordinary artist. Parker Lee’s triumphant debut is a testament to the enduring power of Southern Rock.

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