TRACK: Chappaqua Wrestling’s ‘Football’ shreds it like the Fannies

BORN into musical families, Brighton duo Chappaqua Wrestling – Charlie Woods and Jake Mac – knew exactly how to respond when the coronavirus swept a scheduled summer of festival appearances down the dumper: record, record, record.

As appearances at fests such as The Great Escape and Truck Festival melted into infective impossibility, they cracked on and created. And new single “Football” is the first offering from their lockdown table.

From Brighton to Boston by way of Bellshill, “Football” is a warmly scuzzy slice of layered guitar pop, indebted perhaps to the Teenage Fanclub of A Catholic Education; there’s layers and layers of the six-string lovelies, riffing, ripping, shredding away. If you had a 70s’ US gas guzzler, this would sound amazing with the hood down.

Charlie says of their latest single: “On ‘Football’ we take one riff and develop it, layer after layer, and it grows harder and harder as it moves on. On top of all the brutishness is a story of social displacement, and unease in one’s surroundings. 

“The lyrics we recently added as a homage to our teenage years in Brighton, with some of the social angst of that time. 

“We feel ‘Football’ shows a hard pulse from us which hadn’t previously been captured on record.”

Have a guitar groove on “Football”, below.

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