LFF Review: See for Me

Sophie finding her way around

The loss of a sense can be terrifying and frightening. How we respond to such a lifechanging event depends on the person, but it’s never easy. If it’s caused by an accident, it tends to trigger a fight or flight response. Either we (initially) withdraw into ourselves or immediately resolve to overcome any challenges. Today, daily life is made much easier by new technological innovations and developments on the market. See for Me loses itself in the possibilities.

Sophie (Skyler Davenport) was one of the country’s best young skiers until an accident put pay to her Olympic dreams. Fiercely independent, she’s determined to not let the loss of her sight stop her living her life. She works as a house sitter for wealthy homeowners, making sure she earns a little extra from each job. When she’s asked to ‘cat sit’ in a huge remote mansion, it seems like just another job, until she finds herself in the middle of a home invasion.

See for Me is very clever. Not only does it play with the concept of someone seeing for you through the titular online app it also tackles a number of themes and ideas through Sophie’s relationship with her call-handler, the war vet/gamer Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Randall Okita’s film works on many levels but it’s the tense cat and mouse struggle at the heart of it which is the most pleasing. See for Me is a tense and beautifully executed thriller.

See for Me screens at London Film Festival.  

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