Track: Penelope Trappes Shares Video For New Track Harmonic No.1

Agnes Haus

Penelope Trappes has shared details of Hommelen, her forthcoming tape for Paralaxe Editions, out on 7 June 2024, alongside the video for ‘Harmonic No. 1’ filmed by Agnes Haus at EMS, Stockholm.

Penelope Trappes’ music has always trafficked in ominous textures and the haunted corners of the avant-garde, but Hommelen finds the UK-based Australian pushing her songcraft into dramatic new extremes, occupying a formless space in which the physicality of sound takes centre stage. 

Recorded in December 2023, the release was born out of a residency at Stockholm’s famed EMS, where Trappes spent her sunless days engaging in a sort of conversation with a Halldorophone. The rare, cello-like electronic drone instrument is best known for its appearance in several scores by celebrated Icelandic composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, including her Academy Award-winning work on the 2019 film Joker.

Trappes, however, approached it as a veritable novice, intuitively tuning the instrument based on her own emotional responses to the sounds it emitted. Lying on the floor with the Halldorophone, she reacted in real time as she sang into the various openings of its wooden body. It was an unorthodox process, to be sure, and one that took Trappes far outside of her usual comfort zone.

While her past releases have been filled with moody laments, evocative dream pop, and relatively conventional instrumentation, Hommelen features four intensely meditative, drone-like soundscapes, all of them recorded in a single take. The byproduct of an almost symbiotic bond between Trappes and the Halldorophone, the music does contain a certain cinematic flair, but there’s no pomp or pageantry here. Hommelen taps into something deeper; its patient groans and scratchy tendrils of reverb exude an almost primordial sensibility.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Trappes’ Website

Pre-order the album here

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