Track: Royel Otis, with new single ‘Oysters in My Pocket’, have emitted a cheeky ray of joyous light. Plus tour news,

With the joyous swagger of unruly schoolboys and a barely repressed incandescent sense of joy, the new single ‘Oysters in My Pocket’ from Sydney duo Royel Otis is like an intravenous shot of pure happiness. Think of an antipodean Supergrass. There’s shouty, rowdy delivery skipping over a riffy layering of guitars and a whole heap of clattering bounce that brings a smile to the dourest of visages.

The band says of the important themes of the song:

‘Oysters In My Pocket’ is our way of showing appreciation to the bivalve molluscs that put some boost in our juice and some fire in the libido. Each one as unique as our very own fingertips. Heck don’t pass up an opportunity when you come across these suckers. Stuff them in your pockets and be the life of any party. Influenced by the yearning for a more lavish life than we can afford, and maybe The Jam. Live any life you like just don’t spell Royel Otis without Oysters. You just can’t. Give it a shot.

The accompanying video captures the capering pair engaging in unruly behavior like some sort of Tarantino misadventure mixed with a Michael Mann thriller and a Benny Hill comedy routine with their (spoiler) purloined pearl infested oysters. It’s a hilarious caper to match the band’s irreverent sense of humour:

This music needs to be prescribed as medicine to deal with the vicissitudes of our current world. You can get the single here via Ourness/House Anxiety and catch the band on the run here:

Thursday, April 7 – The Gasometer, Melbourne VIC [tickets here]
Friday, April 8 – OAF Gallery, Sydney NSW [tickets here]

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