Track: Perth trio Ghost Care takes us on a bright and poptastic road trip with ‘Bussell Hwy’ and announces signing to Tiny Triumphs Management

Feature Photograph: Howie Ng

The new single ‘Bussell Hwy’ by Perth trio Ghost Care is an effervescent indie pop delight that encapsulates the joy and sense of freedom in taking a road trip. The band has magically captured restless movement in the indelible melodies, the buoyant backing vocals and the hyper-kinetic instrumentation: it’s full of Western Australian sunshine.

The band says of the track:

Bussell Hwy is all about the classic road trip! It’s where you’d rather be, and where you need to be and sometimes don’t realize… This song is about convincing your friends, and yourself, to get away from it all and just take a breather. This song is the nostalgia that we need, and the motivation to get back out there. We hope it can be everyone’s new road trip anthem for the future!

The bright bubbling positivity is a delightful salve to our current climes, and heralds the band as a new force in the world of antipodean indie music. The accompanying video is brimful of bucolic, hedonistic joy on the road. Singer Beau Torrance says of the video:

The only stressful part of the trip was Tanaya losing her car keys while swimming in the ocean during the shoot. You can actually see the moment it probably happened in the video. We were then stuck at the beach right before the gig we had in Margaret River that night. This gig was also meant to be the climax of the video. We’ll let you find out for yourself if we made it! But that’s the best thing about these trips, there’s always a story to tell when you get home.

This particular indie pop delight radiates joy:

Ghost Care has also announced its signing to Tiny Triumphs management (The VANNS, Eliza & The Delusionals). Jeremy Rotberg from Tiny Triumphs says:

We are so excited to welcome Ghost Care into the Tiny Triumphs family. I have always had an affinity for WA artists, it’s such a great incubator of talent and this band is no exception. They’re such great people first and foremost as well as incredibly talented and driven musicians, ready to take the next step in their career.

You can connect with the band and get the single here and see the band launch the single on Friday 8th April at Indian Ocean Hotel, Scarborough WA.

Feature Photograph: Howie Ng

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